SD controller --- Optimal Read/Write speed & Power Consumption

The newest SD controller which made by MyTek, is which that complies with the latest SD 3.0x specifications. The SD controller supports full coverage of card capacity including Standard Capacity SD Memory Card (SDSC), High Capacity SD Memory Card (SDHC) and Extended Capacity SD Memory Card (SDXC). At the same time, the SD controller supports the high-speed NAND interface to achieve the maximum data transfer rate for ever higher performance. MyTek's researchers have improved the better technology performance in the optimal speed of read/write and power consumption, comparing with the products in existence.

MyTek's SD controller flats in sequential reading speed with main products among the SD controller market, which perform as 95.08MB/s, but that can save 24.25% power. The sequential speed of data writing can reach close to 37.68 MB/s, which promotes almost 151.7% much more than the best-selling products. Meanwhile, it can also cuts down the power consumption with 36%. MyTek's SD controller only consumes 0.13mA, which is saving 35% power among the nowadays products in sleeping mode. In conclusion, the technology of MyTek's SD controller has the state-of-the-art level in optimal read/write speed and power consumption.